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Help House of Omeed reach newcomers and refugees in Canada and persecuted Muslim background believers in the Middle East.

Monthly funding progress: 50%
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The House of Omeed is a Christian organization that serves newcomers and refugees through its services, such as a culturally appropriate food bank, ESL classes, resume building, job and home searching, and other types of settlement-related work. Through each of our services, we share the gospel.

The House of Omeed is also involved with the underground church movement in the Middle East, where we provide teaching, mentorship, and resources to persecuted Muslim background believers.

We are inviting you to support the House of Omeed through prayers, giving, and sending short-term teams to our ministry in Canada and the Middle East. Please contact us for more details.

The House of Omeed was founded and is directed by Ahmad Z, who was born blind in a Muslim family in the Middle East and became a Christian at the age of 20.

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