Building a culture of evangelism and discipleship

Helping your church build and strengthen a culture of evangelism and discipleship.



As the culture continues to change around us, the ability to help people meet, know and follow Jesus becomes more crucial every day. Consider these realities:

  • Only 10% of Protestant churches are growing through NEW believer growth.
  • People are open to the gospel — but are not being reached.
  • Pastors lack effective resources to equip congregations for the harvest fields we live in.
  • Leading congregations through culture change to revitalize evangelism is challenging — but it can be done.

The urgency is clear. Churches can — and should — become conversion communities.

So, Converge president John K. Jenkins Sr. has made it his signature priority to invest in helping churches across our movement develop a culture of evangelism and discipleship.

Equipping pastors for culture change

Converge has begun a multi-year process to train and equip lead pastors to engage in church culture change. Regional Presidents are prayerfully selecting pastors who will partner with Wheaton College's Billy Graham Center – Church Evangelism Institute (CEI). By the fall of 2024, these pastors will be equipped to coach future cohorts of culture-change leaders.

CEI has a proven track record of success in helping churches grow in conversion and evangelism. They have worked with about 600 churches, including almost 125 African American churches.

Our prayer is that this initiative will lead to the development of communities where every disciple of Christ is equipped and mobilized to make new disciples.





“The Church Evangelism Institute has cracked the code on how to get everyone in the church released for evangelistic mission.”

– Pastor Tim Hawks

Partnering with pastors

Wheaton College Billy Graham Center created the Church Evangelism Institute to help catalyze a movement of evangelism and discipleship through local churches.

Over the next few years, we aim to lead a culture change process in over 250 Converge congregations.

We believe churches will become known as “conversion communities” with significantly more evangelistic impact as this occurs.

For more information, contact Jonathan Dahl.



Jonathan Dahl

Director of Evangelism and Discipleship


Whether striving forward or struggling, every church needs a partner to come in and look ‘under the hood’ of their ministry. Converge helped us be better in every area to effectively bring the good news to all people.

Bill Berg, New Hope Community Church, Cambridge & Isanti, Minnesota