Church board development

Equipping your board to develop a spiritually growing and healthy church that is on mission.



Your church’s health flows directly from your board’s spiritual effectiveness. When your board governs well, it creates a godly culture that makes a lasting gospel impact on your people and community. To serve on a church board is a high calling.

Whether your church has an elder board, deacon board, church council, board of trustees or a board of any other name, providing board members proper training is crucial.

This training will help your board build up your church, protect it from harm and keep it focused on God’s mission so it can be the church God called it to be.

What is it?
Church Board Development is an online training tool to help your board build a more unified, effective approach to leadership and ministry. It includes:

  • video training (most videos are 8-12 minutes)
  • discussion questions for your board members to work through together
  • resources to help your team build on what they learned and discussed

Each board member will have personal login information, so your board can decide to watch the videos together or individually before coming together for further discussion.

Some of the topics include:

  • How to build a unified purpose
  • The board’s role in defining and maintaining boundaries
  • How to build a culture that flows from your church’s values and moves it into action
  • How to better engage God’s mission for your church
  • How to help your church get “unstuck”
  • How to grow together as a trusting, cohesive unit
  • How to create a process for pastoral and staff reviews
  • Budgeting, finance, online giving and background checks best practices

How does it work?
Your board will determine the exact method by which you work through the program. Most teams will watch one video together and work through the corresponding discussion questions during their meeting. Each board member will have personal login information, so you might decide to watch the videos individually before coming together for further discussion.

Your team will determine your pace. The Church Board Development tool isn’t a webinar or class with untold numbers of people from around the world working on the same thing at the same time. This is your church board working in your church’s context.

How much does it cost?
Church Board Development is FREE for Converge member churches and is available to non-member churches for a one-time fee of $500.



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Great videos. Short, sweet and challenging. Looking forward to growing together as a board using this tool to help us be a unified team moving in God's direction for his people.

Ryan White, Associate Pastor