Helping you recognize, understand and appreciate cultural differences.

Many leaders want their church to understand biblical diversity and appreciate cultural differences, but they feel ill-equipped to teach about it. Just starting a conversation about biblical diversity is a daunting task for some. But it doesn’t have to be.

Foundations of Biblical Diversity is a one-day workshop that will help your church recognize, understand and appreciate cultural differences.

It is led by trained representatives of Converge’s Office of Biblical Diversity. A relaxed, open and understanding atmosphere will allow your team to have courageous conversations, build unity and better understand your church, your community and your role in God’s kingdom. After completing the workshop, your team will have the skill set to walk in victory as diversity disciples of God’s word.

The workshop includes a free workbook that simplifies note taking and allows you to listen, engage and learn more. The workbook will help you recall critical points, validate opinions and address specific subjects covered during the training. It will also serve as a valuable tool when sharing what you’ve learned with others.

Workshop content:

  • Racial Anxiety Theory
  • Meeting and greeting people cross-culturally
  • Seven biblical diversity guidelines
  • Introducing feelings as messengers
  • Understanding the Three Dimensions of Change
  • Biblical diversity versus secular diversity
  • RACE: The Power of an Illusion
  • Biblical scriptures that address God’s idea for biblical diversity
  • Group exercises that will engage your critical thinking about diversity


How it works


What is it?

Foundations of Biblical Diversity is a one-day workshop that introduces you to basic cultural competencies and strategies to recognize, understand and appreciate cultural differences.

Who should attend?

Pastors and church staff, lead team members, church leaders, lay leaders, church members and community members.

Who will facilitate the workshop?

Representatives from Converge’s Office of Biblical Diversity will travel to your church and lead the workshop.

What does my church need to provide as a host?

We ask that your church promote the workshop through your website, social media, newsletters, etc. Your church will be asked to coordinate with Converge’s Office of Biblical Diversity in selecting, booking and confirming venues and meals.

Unity in diversity

Converge is a movement of churches working to help people meet, know and follow Jesus. We do this by starting and strengthening churches together worldwide. This includes reaching people of all colors, cultures and classes with the gospel of Jesus Christ and making him known throughout the world.

To accomplish this, Converge's Office of Biblical Diversity works alongside its U.S. regions to encourage, empower and equip your church to champion biblical diversity in your community.