Stories of impact

Inspirational stories and news of God's work throughout the Converge movement


Four generations in one Texas family baptized together

A diverse congregation embraces baptism and reflects God's grace.

Jun 5 2023

Melting pot community’s church plant helps bridge the gap between faith and misunderstanding

A new church tackles life traumas in Tampa Bay by sharing hope, love and healing.

May 31 2023

Overcoming isolation: How a Converge church plant fosters community in the foothills

Grace Hills Church brings new life to Indian Hills by helping to shift perspective.

May 28 2023

Church plant serves up dinner, friendship and the gospel with no strings attached and no trees to climb

As a community transforms, a new church reaches the unchurched and helps the dechurched become rechurched.

May 17 2023

Young American church starts church among Iranian refugees in Turkey

Iranian believers in Turkish refugee camps grow in faith through a U.S. church’s ministry.

May 15 2023