Finance & Operations

We have an amazing team that works behind the scenes making sure Converge's national ministries have what they need to help start and strengthen churches and send missionaries together worldwide. Our team also manages the Converge Retirement Plan with seasoned professionals who can assist with your church with preparing for your future.

Tim Ponzani

Chief Operating Officer & Regional President

COO's office
  • Gloria Lopez
    Director of Marketing and Communications

Information Technology
  • Sheri Johnson
    CRM Specialist & Technology Training
  • Hai Ding
    ​Enterprise Application Administrator
  • Howie Sell
    Director of Information Technology
  • Ash Padharia
    Technical Specialist

Human Resources
  • Mitzi Rodriguez
    HR Generalist
  • Jordan Bayer
    Human Resources Manager

  • Andre De Mesquita
    Accounts Receivable Specialist
  • Julie Upvall
    Director of Accounting
  • Loida Garcia
    Administrative Assistant
  • Maria Zuniga
    Accounts Receivable Specialist
  • Karen Wilkins
    Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Marcella Guzman
    Payroll Manager
  • Lisa Lewis
    Partner Care Coordinator
  • Rodney Williams
    Senior Vice President of Financial Operations
  • Tay Arreaza
    Senior Staff Accountant

The more I talk to younger planters across differing ethnicities, diversity is a growing desire. And in many of these contexts it’s becoming reality.

George Bedlion, Lead pastor