Converge MidAtlantic Church Planting Weekend

A movement-wide celebration of church planting & multiplication



Church Planting Weekend is an opportunity for you to share your vision for multiplying new churches and celebrate your partnership with Converge MidAtlantic. On this special weekend, you can join hundreds of churches in praying and raising resources for district church planting.







Select the weekend or Sunday your church will highlight church planting. Many churches have scheduled it for the first weekend in June, but choose a date that works best for your church.


Visit our Resource Page to let us know about your event, and you can download resources like sermon ideas, videos, slides, and social media promos.


Show a short video to your church family, share your vision for church planting, and collect an offering for the Converge MidAtlantic Church Planting Fund



Nearly 4,000 churches close every year in America.  Yet every neighborhood

deserves a vibrant church where people can experience Jesus' love.




Jesus told us to go continually.

In response to all that Jesus has done for us, he asked us to continually go and share the Good News with others. This means that God may by asking you to join a team that starts a new church. Or you may send others by praying and giving financially to launch new churches.



Your gift makes a difference.

A significant way that Converge MidAtlantic supports new churches is by raising start-up funds to get them launched.  We have an ambitious goal to start 30 new churches through 2025.  We will need to raise $500,000 to accomplish this goal.  You can take a special offering and contribute to the Converge MidAtlantic Church Planting Fund during your Church Planting Weekend.



Get your entire church involved!

  1. Let us know how many boxes you need by filling out the form below
  2. Pray that God will bless you to be able to fill the box up.
  3. Set a date to collect all the money boxes at your church
  4. Let Converge MidAtlantic know how much you collected by donating the amount to the Converge MidAtlantic Church Planting Fund. 
  5. Your donation will go to plant churches in our region and we will give 10% of your donation to The Timothy Initiative to plant churches around the world. 


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Download these free resources to promote Church Planting Weekend in your church.





There are so many people who are hurting. There are so many people who need to hear the hope and love of Jesus. Why NOT start now! The need is great, and the mission hasn't changed.

Nick Daleo, founding pastor of Proving Ground Church, launched September 2020