Helping you care for the spiritual well-being of military members and veterans, as well as the staff, residents and guests of health care and correctional facilities. 



Endorsing qualified clergy-persons to chaplaincy ministry

Chaplaincy is a specialized ministry in various institutional settings. Converge endorses qualified clergy to apply for chaplaincy positions in the military, the Veterans Administration (VA), the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), hospitals and other health care facilities (e.g. hospice).

Military chaplains provide ministry in a manner that closely parallels a local church and conduct spiritual, religious and administrative functions associated with being a senior/lead pastor. Chaplains in the VA, BOP, hospitals and health care facilities need to have formal training and experience in clinical pastoral education (CPE).

Normally, an individual applying for endorsement must have completed the M.Div. degree at an accredited school of religion. Additionally, the best-qualified applicants will have a minimum of two years of professional ministry experience after seminary. Our chaplain endorser assists inquirers and applicants in determining and assessing qualifications for chaplaincy ministry.

Chaplains serve and minister in a pluralistic environment. They must be committed to providing for the religious needs of people of all faiths. How this works out in a practical way is determined by the various government agencies and public/private institutions to which Converge endorses chaplains.

Application Process

  1. Read our Converge Converge Chaplaincy Requirements, consisting of two sections – Chaplaincy Ministry and Endorsement and Requirements for Endorsement.
  2. Contact our assistant to the chaplain endorser Maria Quintana. See chaplaincy personnel for her contact information.
  3. Have a pre-application assessment with the chaplain endorser. The endorser will either approve you to submit an application or recommend delaying in order to satisfy certain requirements.
  4. When approved, complete the online application appropriate for your interest:
  5. The application process normally takes approximately eight weeks.

Start your application process

Email Carleton Birch, chaplain endorser, Colonel, Chaplain Corps, U.S. Army (retired), to get your application process started.



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Help care for the spiritual well-being of military members and veterans, as well as the staff, residents and guests of health care and correctional facilities.




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