Pastor Placement Process

Converge’s Pastor Placement Process (P3) helps you find the right pastor for your church.



Connecting pastors and churches

Converge’s Pastor Placement Process (P3) was created to help place pastors with churches, and connect churches with pastors.

P3 brings our acquired knowledge and experience, into a step-by-step process delivered through a simple, yet comprehensive, online guide. Churches and candidates answer the same in-depth questions to explore who they are and thoroughly describe their beliefs and preferences, each forming a comprehensive profile.

A methodical system to help create the right fit for church and pastor
There are many services today that offer quantity. Their services can generate 50 or 100 or more resumes sent directly to an inbox, leaving a search team to manually sift through potential candidates to find the gem. Instead of pouring over unclear and dissimilar resumes trying to compare information, teams are guided in evaluating detailed information and analyzing candidates that have taken the same types of assessments. Promising candidates discovered outside of the P3 can be merged in for consistent comparison.

Our church staffing process provides a methodical, focused system that offers church pastoral search teams a web-based process, a coach that will make scheduled touchpoints, tools to implement a church survey and ultimately names of pastor candidates who fit your church’s culture. This online tool assesses a pastor’s skills, gifts, strengths, calling, personality, experience and more.

We support pastors in finding positions where they can grow and be the leader God has called them to be.

The Converge P3 process is different. P3 focuses on finding the one right pastor for your church. By merging three dimensions, the Art, the Science and the Process, P3 explores opportunities as your team seeks God to reveal the pastor he has planned for you.

Without Converge, we would not have known where to start. Converge was able to match us with candidates who matched our needs. We are so happy with the pastor we hired.

Bruce Eaton, Waterbrook Fellowship, Victoria, Minnesota