Church pastor search process

Converge’s Pastor Placement Process (P3) helps your church find the right pastor for your next season of ministry.



Helping churches find the right pastor

Finding your next pastor can be a daunting task. Hours are spent sorting through stacks of resumes and having multiple rounds of interviews—and still living with the uncertainty of really knowing if you’ve found the right person to lead your church or ministry.

Converge’s Pastor Placement Process (P3) can help. Your church spends its time getting to know candidates that are potential good fits. We can help you find the right pastor to help you accomplish all God has called your church to be.

You will have access to a pool of candidates who have answered in-depth questions describing their experience, theology, philosophy, style, strengths and preferences in a comprehensive pastor profile. These candidates have also completed a thorough vetting interview with an experienced Converge pastoral consultant.

What are the benefits to churches?

  • Easy access to Converge knowledge and experience because no church or search time team wants to be an expert on pastor placement
  • The task-driven process keeps your church search team focused and moving
  • The process is self-guided so it fits the unique and individual style and culture of your church and team
  • It’s efficient. The search team’s time is spent getting to know candidates that are potential good fits instead of sorting through stacks of resumes

What do you get? 

  • Resources to help you develop the right search team
  • A comprehensive church profile to help you discover who you are as a church and your preferences for a future pastor 
  • Comprehensive assessment reports of potential candidates
  • A Converge consultant will come alongside your team to help evaluate candidates and guide you through the process

How do we get started?
Contact your Converge district office. We can answer your questions, arrange to speak with your leadership or get you started.

Without Converge, we would not have known where to start. Converge was able to match us with candidates who matched our needs. We are so happy with the pastor we hired.

Bruce Eaton, Waterbrook Fellowship, Victoria, Minnesota