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Andy Needham

Easter is not the Super Bowl

Have you ever heard Easter compared to the Super Bowl? Read why that it might be time to stray away from that mindset this season.

Mar 23 2023

3 Lessons from the death of the "Choco Taco"

A national crisis swept social media this summer. Klondike announced they end of production of the classic ice cream treat known as the "Chaco Taco." Is it possible that we can learn three key lessons for our churches from this?

Aug 17 2022

Will you be my friend?

Christian friendships are valuable. What does that look like in your life?

Jun 28 2022

Student ministry - Summer 2022 options

Planning your summer with your students? Check out regional and national options!

Feb 15 2022

Rethinking digital - Why churches are reconsidering and recalibrating their live stream

After the global pandemic shifted the way churches thought about their digital presence, online engagement is starting to shift once again. It's time to reconsider our digital methods once again.

Dec 3 2021