Metro SenWest Initiative

Sénégal, Africa
ID: 663999

Join the global workers as they work together to catalyze a disciple-making movement in Sénégal.


Each of Senegal’s many ethnic groups cherishes its unique language and cultural traditions. Yet, nearly all of Senegal’s 16 million people (95%) bow toward Mecca and honor Muhammad as their prophet. Approximately 5% are Catholic.

The Wolof and Peul, the two largest ethnic groups, are proud of their long-held Islamic traditions and are content and complacent as Muslims. Sixty years of outreach efforts have produced fewer than 500 Christians among 10 million Wolof and Peul living today.

Yet, Jesus called us to make disciples among every people group ― even resistant ones. Jesus himself loved a proud and resistant people. Millions of people in Senegal have yet to hear clear and consistent gospel messages in their mother tongue.

The ministry efforts of the Metro SenWest Initiative focus on a large geographic triangle from the capital city of Dakar to two rapidly growing population centers to the east. Many large development projects within this triangle draw people from all over Senegal searching for employment and a new urban life.

We faithfully proclaim God’s message of salvation through a variety of strategies and venues. Muslims with “ears to hear” will rejoice in God’s redeeming love and come to faith in Jesus.

We are asking God for 5% of Senegal’s urban triangle to become reproducing disciples of Jesus,emphasizing the unreached Wolof and Peul.

Sénégal, Africa // Sénégal’s urban triangle with a population of 6 million people and growing.
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