Love Offering for Bryce Jones Family

Capital Heights, MD
Status: Giving
ID: 12023

A fund so that the Converge community can donate a love gift to Pastor Bryce’s family, First Lady Nia Jones and their young son Jackson.

It is with deep sadness that I share with you the passing of our co-laborer in the gospel and friend, Pastor Bryce A. Jones. Pastor Bryce was installed as senior pastor of Millennium Bible Fellowship on January 16, 2022, following the retirement of founding pastor Dr. Nurney Mason. He quickly embraced a relationship with Converge MidAtlantic, participating in the local LEAD Team of pastors and speaking at Camp Burton.  Churches everywhere are looking for the next generation of godly, under-40 leaders. It was exciting to partner with Pastor Bryce as he envisioned a bright future for his congregation. It is hard to understand why this happens in God’s wisdom.  As Dr. Mason wrote in a recent Facebook post, “God doesn’t promise us understanding, but he does promise us peace.” At times like this we can cling to God’s peace that surpasses understanding.
Capital Heights, MD