Still Small Voice

Liz Heavener

Business Manager

  • Discipleship & spiritual formation

During this pandemic, we have all learned how God can use small acts of kindness to bless others.  Liz Heavener, Business Manager for Converge MidAtlantic, shares one of those moments she experienced recently.  

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in May, literally the warmest day of the year so far, I was taking my walk.  As I neared the house of my elderly neighbor, it happened.  I heard God’s voice.  It was not an audible voice that anyone else could hear, but I knew immediately this prompting was from the Lord. The prompting said that I should go talk to my neighbor who I just glimpsed as she was weeding in her back yard.   I kept walking.  Talking to my neighbor was not a hard task, and I truly enjoy her, but I was in the home stretch of my walk and did not want to stop.  Again, I heard the prompting…and I kept walking, even picking up my pace.  By now I had passed my neighbor’s house, and yet the prompting persisted, suggesting that I turn around and go back and talk to my neighbor.   THIS time I obeyed.  How embarrassing to admit that I didn’t submit to the Lord’s calling the first time I heard it.  As I walked up the driveway, my neighbor called me over and invited me to sit at her picnic table.  As I relaxed in my neighbor’s back yard surrounded by an array of magazine worthy spring flowers, I realized that God not only wanted me to be a blessing to my neighbor, but God wanted to bless me too, by letting me rest, enjoy the beauty of the garden and simply share some time with a friend.

Liz Heavener, Business Manager

Liz is the Business Manager at Converge MidAtlantic. She is a source of wisdom and encouragement for the churches we serve.

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