Metro SenWest Initiative



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When you give to Converge missions, your contribution makes a difference in the life of a missionary and unreached people across the world. Join us in becoming a vital partner in seeing Christ's mission completed. Your generosity gives someone the opportunity to hear about and accept Jesus.



Support a local gospel endeavor that contributes to a larger gospel initiative.



Supporting a global worker is an easy way for you to make a difference in lives around the world from right where you're at now.



Media Development Project
Develop and promote Christian radio programs and compelling social media in local languages to cast a wide gospel net to reach a diverse array of people.
Neighborhood Outreach Project
Meet real needs in a local neighborhood in order to establish relationships of trust and opportunities to share of the hope we have in Jesus.
University Student Outreach Project
Build relationships with university students desiring to learn English and find those with hearts open to Jesus and God’s Word.

Global Workers

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Bill & Kathy M.
West Africa
Help Bill and Kathy as they work to ignite a gospel movement among the peoples of Sénégal, West Africa.
Brad & Deb M.
Senegal, Africa
Help Brad and Deb ignite a disciple making movement among the unreached Wolof and Peul of Sénégal.
Emily M.
Senegal, Africa
Help Emily as she reaches out to women, seeking to ignite a disciple-making movement among the Wolof of Senegal.
T & M
Secure Location
Partner with T & M as they support global workers in Africa through providing quality education to their children.