The  ministry efforts of the  Metro SenWest Initiative  are focused on a large geographic triangle  from  the capital city  of Dakar  to  two rapidly growing  population centers  to the east. We  faithfully  proclaim God’s  message of  salvation  through a variety of  strategies  and venues.  We pray Muslims with “ears to hear” will rejoice in God’s redeeming love and come to faith in Jesus.

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In the western most part of Africa, Senegal ’s urban triangle with a population of 6 million people, is growing. It's known for its dry, arid, infertile climate and geography. Many large development projects within this  triangle  are  drawing  people  from all over Senegal  searching for  employment and a new urban life.

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The People

Each of Senegal’s many ethnic groups cherish their unique language and cultural traditions. Yet, nearly all of Senegal’s 16 million people (95%) bow toward Mecca and honor Muhammad as their prophet. Approximately 5% are Catholic. The Wolof and Peul, the two largest ethnic groups, are proud of their long-held Islamic traditions and are content and complacent as Muslims. Sixty years of outreach efforts have produced fewer than 500 Christians among 10 million Wolof and Peul living today. Millions in Senegal have yet to hear clear and consistent gospel messages in their mother tongue.



We are working to sow the Word broadly, especially in the Wolof language, and train national believers to make disciplemakers.


new cross-cultural workers by 2026


generations of multiplying disciples in 10 discipling communities by 2031

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