Lifetime income

The Converge Retirement Plan offers a lifetime income benefit, so you can retire when you’re ready.



Dependable, lifetime income

For years, you look forward to retiring. Spending more time with your spouse. Traveling. Volunteering. Pursuing new interests.

But instead of being excited about the future, many people just like you look forward in fear. You may be asking yourself the same questions they are asking. Can you afford to retire? Are your savings and investments enough to sustain you and your spouse? What happens if you outlive your money? If I were to die, would my spouse have enough money to live?

A benefit you can depend on
Through the Converge Retirement Plan, you can have peace of mind knowing you can retire when you are ready. One of the unique features of the Converge Retirement Plan is the pension (defined benefit), a monthly payment based on years of contributions from your employer that, in combination with your other sources of income, provides ongoing, stable income.

You’ll also be able to take care of your family after you are gone, since this benefit can continue for your spouse in the event of your death.

Stop worrying about outliving your income. While your savings and investments are shrinking as you use them, your Converge pension will keep on going. And you can be confident you’re prepared to enjoy retirement with a stable income.

The sooner you sign up, the larger it will grow. Whatever your situation, it's not too late to start saving. Fill out the contact form on this page, and one of our Retirement Plan representatives will help get you enrolled.

Learn more about the eligibility and benefits of the pension plan.

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I encourage every church to make such provisions for their pastors.

John Piper, Founder and Leader of Desiring God