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The Converge Retirement Plan offers many benefits other plan cannot.



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The Converge Retirement Plan is uniquely designed to serve the retirement needs of Converge pastors and church staff, offering many benefits other retirement plans cannot.


Converge Retirement Plan


Other Plans

Lifetime income (a pension paid for life) Rare with other plans. Most are unable to provide funds for life. 
 Disability benefitDo not offer 
 Death benefitDo not offer 
 Low total costs (.37%)Costly investment management fees 
 No commissionsOften paying for advisors & commission fees 
 No fees for pension, disbursements, rollovers or transfersHigh fee structures, transactional fees, buy/sell fees and broker fees 
 Continued housing allowance in retirementUnavailable for secular plans 
 High contribution limit for 403(b)Limits to Roth & Traditional IRA contributions (unless plan offers 403(b) or SEP) 
 Professionally managed balanced portfolio and diversified asset categoriesYou often have to choose to pay outside expenses for professional management 
 Allows use of Defined Contribution funds to purchase a second pensionNo pension option or costly annuity option 


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I encourage every church to make such provisions for their pastors.

John Piper, Founder and Leader of Desiring God