Mobilize Impact Conference

May 17-18, 2024

Fair Oaks Church

Concord, CA

May 17th and 18th prepare to go on an unforgettable journey of connection and empowerment at the Mobilize Impact Conference. Set against the backdrop of Fair Oaks Church in Concord, California, this gathering is more than just an event—it’s a catalyst for transformation, designed with you—the architects of change at its heart.

Ignite Your Passion
Imagine walking into a space humming with like-minded people, all gathered with a shared purpose: to deepen their understanding and practice of evangelism. It's here where the transformative power of connection and learning converge. We’re thrilled to announce a lineup of speakers who are trailblazers in their own right.

Mobilize Impact Con is welcoming Efrem Smith, John Jenkins, Joshua Chavez, and Dr. Mark DeYmaz to bring their their dynamic energy and insightful perspectives to our collective table.

Personal Journeys
The conference isn't just about listening—it’s also about engaging and sharing. We’ll navigate breakout sessions where your voice matters, where your story intertwines with others, creating a tapestry rich with shared experiences and diverse insights. This is your chance to glean information straight from other sources, that you tailor to fit your unique path and church.
Join the Conversation
Now, let's take a pause—no, really, imagine yourself there, at the heart of it all. What evangelism topics stir your spirit? Which conversations do you want to have? Picture diving into these subjects surrounded by the sound of affirming voices and the warmth of shared worship. The Mobilize Impact Conference is set to be a place for such encounters—an intimate realm where your voice amplifies the echo of change. Don't miss out, join us and ignite your evangelism journey today.

Embark on This Journey with Us
Picture yourself leaving the Mobilize Impact Conference with a heart ablaze, equipped with new tools, insights, and a revived zeal for your mission. Will you join us? Will you be part of this movement touching hearts and lives? Take a leap step and register today and let’s transform our world, one soul, one conversation, one stirring moment at a time. Together, we mobilize. Together, we impact.

Register Now - Take the opportunity to be part of the Mobilize Impact Conference’s community. Share with us, grow with us, and light the world with us.
Event Mobilize Impact Conference
Date May 17-18, 2024
Location Fair Oaks Church, 1925 Risdon Rd.
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