Church Board Leadership on the New Frontier-Bay Area

September 9, 2023

Doors Open at 8:30, Training Starts at 9:00

Bay Farm Church

Alameda, CA

The Church Board Leadership in the New Frontier training event is your chance to equip yourself and your board with strategies for staying focused on mission, fulfilling purpose, and pursuing a calling. Led by Dr. Bruce Hopler, Converge's Vice President of Church Strengthening, this one course in two days will empower you to create a framework that can be applied to your own boards.

During the training, you'll dive into topics such as Staying On Mission: Fight for Something not About Something; Fulfilling Our Purpose: Understanding Roles of the Effective Board; and Pursuing Our Calling: Growing Strong in Spiritual Leadership. Each conversation will provide practical and applicable learning that can be used to build a stronger church board.

Register now for Church Board Leadership in the New Frontier, and gain the tools you need to lead your church board effectively through this new frontier! The event is available in both Alameda in the Bay Area on September 9th, 2023 or in Fresno in the Central Valley on September 23rd, 2023. Don't miss out on your chance to equip yourself with valuable strategies from Dr. Bruce Hopler - register today!




We would also like to invite you to start utilizing our online training prior to the event: ONLINE TRAINING SIGN UP

Your church’s health flows directly from your board’s spiritual effectiveness. When the board governs well, it creates a godly culture that makes a lasting gospel impact on your people and community. But it carries so much responsibility that preparing for everything is more than difficult—it’s nearly impossible. So, it is crucial to provide board members with proper training.

Converge’s Church Board Development is a self-paced, online training tool to help your board build a more unified, effective approach to leadership and ministry in your church’s context. The training helps your leaders build up your church, protect it from harm and keep it focused on God’s mission so it can be the church God called it to be.

Church Board Development is FREE for Converge member churches.

Event Church Board Leadership on the New Frontier-Bay Area
Date September 9, 2023
Time Doors Open at 8:30, Training Starts at 9:00
Location Bay Farm Church, 3189 Mecartney Rd
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