Dawyana and James Brown

Pittsburg, CA
Status: Pre-launch
ID: 2149

Help Dawyana and James Brown as they work to plant a church in Pittsburg, California.


As a Life & Ministry Coach, Dawyana has the opportunity to sit and talk with her clients about their life and share Jesus with them. James as a restaurant manager has the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ to both employees and customers. Dawyana has been operating in ministry for over 25 years.  She and James are excited about this new season of ministry and  church planting. God blessed them with a miracle and expanded their family. Their beautiful baby girl was a gift they had been trusting God for many years. During one of her doctor visits, God reminded them that His word had been fulfilled in their family and now it was time for the manifestation of His word to be fulfilled for them in ministry.  From that confirmation, Second Chance Church was born. After seeking God for direction and location, Second Chance will be planted in the city of Pittsburg, CA. They are currently offering an online Bible study each week and are looking forward to launching the church in Spring of 2022. Please keep Dawyana and James in your prayers as they obey God in bringing the love of Christ to the community of Pittsburg, California.

As they live the mission of Second Chance Church in their personal lives, they also strive to share the same mission in the community.  Dawyana and James ask for your prayers and financial support to help them spread the gospel of Christ, serve the community and make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pittsburg, CA //
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