Empowering Converge North Central Churches: A Unique Opportunity for Church Planting

Mark Bjorlo

Regional President

  • Church planting & multiplication


At Converge North Central, we are dedicated to fostering growth, renewal, and outreach among our churches. We understand that momentum is key to achieving our spiritual goals, and one of the most impactful ways to create this momentum is through church planting. To help you multiply your efforts and build momentum, we are thrilled to introduce the Church Planting Escrow Program, a special opportunity for all Converge North Central churches.

Overview of the Program:

The Church Planting Escrow Program is designed to empower all Converge North Central churches to save money for church planting. Here's how it works:

  1. Your Commitment: Your church commits to escrowing funds with Converge North Central for the purpose of church planting and makes regular contributions.
  2. Matching Funds: The best part is, Converge North Central is here to support your vision. We will match your contributions, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000*.
  3. Support for Planters: Recognizing that church planters often raise funds themselves, we extend our support to them as well. We will match the amount raised by your chosen planter, up to $50,000*.

Administration Details:

To alleviate any administrative burdens, Converge North Central will handle all the necessary administrative, bookkeeping, and savings responsibilities for the escrowed funds. Your church will have a five-year window to access these funds for church planting, giving you control over the most recent five years' contributions. Any funds exceeding this time frame will be allocated to the Converge North Central Church Planting Fund to ensure that your investment is making a real impact where it's needed the most.

Our Commitment to All Converge North Central Churches:

This initiative is open to all Converge North Central churches, enabling us to join hands and make a collective impact. As an example, let's consider Resurrection City Church, which has recently embraced this opportunity. As of April 6, 2023, they have escrowed funds of $9,586.56 earmarked for Church Planting with Converge North Central. Converge North Central has committed to matching and returning these funds for church planting over the next five years. If these funds are not utilized for their intended purpose by April 5, 2028, any remaining funds will be directed toward Church Planting to advance the Kingdom within our region.


We believe that the Church Planting Escrow Program is a remarkable way to activate the spirit of your congregation, motivating them to plant new churches. This program embodies the heart of Converge North Central - supporting the growth of our churches and the expansion of God's Kingdom. We are excited to see the impact that this initiative will have in our region.

Thank you for your partnership and dedication to spreading the message of Jesus to as many people as possible. Together, we can create the momentum needed to bring about lasting change and renewal in our communities.

With faith and unity,

Mark Bjorlo

Regional President

Converge North Central

*We will only be accepting new funds as we have the ability to fulfill our commitments to our escrowing churches. Today is a great time to get started.

Mark Bjorlo, Regional President

Mark and Elizabeth moved from greater Minneapolis to the Brained Lakes area in the summer of 2003. They had a vision to start a new church that would seek to reach North Central Minnesota for the cause of Christ. The church they started church has grown since then to reach about 1000 people weekly in the two campuses (both the Brainerd Lakes Area and in Aitkin). Mark's passion for planting caused his church to reach beyond themselves to plant 6 churches and they now have one granddaughter church.

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