Chemistry Staffing

Converge partners with Chemistry Staffing to help find the right pastor for your church.



Connecting pastors and churches

Converge North Central has partnered with Chemistry Staffing to help your church seek to find their next pastor and ministry staff teammates. The process focuses on finding the right fit between your church and candidates in the areas of theology, culture, personality, skill set, and overall chemistry, each of which is utterly essential when it comes to finding a long-term, healthy fit for your church.

Whether you are a candidate, searching for your next ministry position, or a church seeking your next pastor or ministry staffer, Chemistry works hard to make sure that we find the right fit so that your ministry can thrive in the years to come.

Whether you are a pastor looking for a position or a church trying to find the right leader, Chemistry Staffing is the place to start.


Hire new staff, transition existing staff, plan senior leadership succession, and assist with staff restructuring, team strategy, and leadership development.



Pastoral Applicants

Find a trusted church that you and your family can serve in for your next chapter of ministry.


Chemistry Staffing is a robust search firm for churches, just like ours. I couldn’t be happier with the strategic partnership that we’ve developed. I’m excited to introduce you to the team that will make your search process an exceptional experience.

Mark Bjorlo, President, Converge North Central