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One month later


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  • Sep 4 2020
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One Month Later

Today marks one month since the third strongest explosion this world has ever seen rocked the city of Beirut, Lebanon. This explosion thrust the small country of Lebanon into the national spotlight as many asked why? and how? but mostly stared in awe at the sheer magnitude of this explosion. A Lebanese friend and church member recounted the memory of that night. She lives about 25 miles south of Beirut, yet felt the explosion shake her home. Watching the videos and seeing the reports she began contacting all of her friends. Her fingers were beginning to go numb as she frantically tried to text everyone she knew in Beirut. Oh Beirut, a city that she loves. Where she attended school since she was 4 years old; where she is now a university student; the port where she had taken pictures at just days prior. The anxiety for her city, her country and her people was rising. What would happen next? That first night she could not sleep. She said it was as if she had lost something and indeed, she had. Over the next few days the tears were at a constant flow. She tried to give blood, but the lines were down the street, a sign of hope and pride in her people. She visited the homes of friends and the church she grew up in. Time and time again those awful videos were being shown around her. No more could she stomach them. Now the anger was rising. How did we let this happen? Who is responsible for this tragedy? Why was that ammonium nitrate not moved in 7 years? This horrific tragedy was an avoidable one.
Her heart and her emotions are echoed by many throughout Lebanon. Pain and anger ring out from the streets covered in glass and rubble. Some like our dear sister, know where to go during this time. She says daily she pours out her heart to God, knowing that he is listening to her cries, her prayers, her tears. But many are lost right now. They don’t have the same faith and look out on their city, their country, their home and feel those same feelings of anxiety and anger. For many of them the result is hopelessness. 
This same sister has spent the past two weeks walking the streets and speaking to those in the affected areas as part of Samaritan’s Purse relief efforts. She has had the joy of being able to bless families with something as simple as a tarp for their shattered windows and hygiene kit. She as shared many tears with those who lost everything and didn’t know where to turn. She saw the pain and the fear in their eyes as they recounted the horrors of August 4, 2020. She was able to share words of encouragement and even hope from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hope in the midst of hopelessness.
Converge is partnering with 3 local churches to aid these communities and individuals during this time. The needs are extensive. One of the biggest things the people of Lebanon want the world to know is that this explosion was not the start of their struggles but has only magnified a situation that was rapidly deteriorating. Hyperinflation has doubled or tripled the cost of basic staples. Political in-fighting has prevented necessary economic reforms from taking place and thus barring Lebanon from receiving promised international aid. The people of Lebanon are hurting, they are suffering, and they are angry. The church has stepped up to respond to this need and even though they are a small minority, the evangelical churches of Lebanon have been some of the quickest to respond and most productive in their relief. 
Thank you for your role in bringing hope to the hopeless and light to the darkness. Pray for Lebanon as its city and its people rebuild. Pray for God to restore the broken hearts of the Lebanese people. Pray for the hope we have in Christ to be made known through the country.


If you would like to give to further the rebuilding efforts you can do so HERE.

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