Every recorded step of Jesus and all of Paul’s journey’s took place in the lands of this initiative. Yet, the over 500 million people in this region represent more 300 people groups with limited or no access to the Gospel. That is why: We are asking God for a gospel movement among every least reached people group in the nations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea—in our generation.

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The Mediterranean Sea brushes against the coasts of the lands that made up the area of the world were the Jesus movement began—in Israel, Lebanon and Turkey. It is also home to some of the most influential early Christian thought from places like Egypt and Algeria. Half a billion people now call this place home and live in areas that are some of the most hostile towards the gospel.

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The People

The twenty-one countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea are home to more than 300 million Muslims, of whom 80 percent have never met a Jesus follower. Among those groups least exposed to the message of salvation are immigrants and refugees to the area.

We are intentionally serving people in influential urban centers. Immigrant, refugee and local leaders gather in the same cities. Monocultural and multiethnic congregations will be sources of Gospel movements. We are focusing on Muslim people both in Islamic nations and Muslim communities in European countries. Marginalized communities. Making Disciples among the deaf; those with emotional, cognitive, or physical hinderances; and those in extreme poverty.



The Great Sea Initiative seeks to impact the Muslim population by establishing local discipleship programs for Muslim-raised believers in each of its countries, as well as distributing one million copies of the New Testament over the next five years.

In all areas we have and will continue to develop local leadership, advancing ownership of generational disciple-making. By faith in the next ten years we will have:

  • Movements begun in 50% of the nations
  • Initial work and defined strategies among identified unreached people groups in 25% of the nations
  • Leaders Identified for specific unreached groups in the remaining 25% of nations


of remaining nations have a leader identified for specific unreached groups


of nations have initial work and defined strategies among identified unreached people groups


of nations have a movement started

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