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The Levant region of the Middle East maintains a Christian presence that dates to the early church, but Islam has maintained its status as the dominate religion of this region. We are asking God for a gospel movement among every least-reached Muslim people group in the Levant.

Over the next 5 years we are focused on equipping and training a new generation of young leaders in the war-torn country of Syria. A combination of hands-on learning and a web-based curriculum storehouse will assist leaders as they develop as disciples and disciple makers.

About SUPPORT THE Levant Project

The people & the place

Our primary focus is in Lebanon and Syria — two countries that continue to suffer under extremely difficult social and economic situations. By partnering with local churches in Lebanon, we are empowering the church to be Christ’s ambassadors to their Muslim neighbors, demonstrating the love of Jesus in word and deed. We are also pioneering efforts to train and equip the recently devastated church in Syria to become catalysts for gospel movements throughout their country.


Stories of Impact

Dreams Fulfilled
Forty years ago, Lebanese pastor Youeel Tarabay was awake late at night formulating a dream to help solve a glaring issue for the church in...
The Threat of Baptism
“You are no longer my son.”   “You have brought shame on our family.”   “I will kill you.”   For many new believers the day they are ...
Better Together
Better Together             Sports have always been a major part of my life. Basketball, baseball, football, soccer. It didn’t really mat...

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Help reach Muslims in the Middle East with the love and message of Jesus Christ.
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Our vision is to facilitate Gospel Movements among the least reached people in the Middle East through discipleship making. Partner with us to bring hope to the hurting.