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Togo Church Planting


Togo Church Planting is a project in the 6° Initiative. We have seen great progress through our church planting efforts in the cities of Aneho and Afagnan and beyond. There are currently 17 gospel churches, and we prayerfully believe that we can reach 50 by the end of 2026. This means that we must continue to plant brick and mortar churches in strategic locations and equip these believers to plant house churches throughout the smaller communities. We believe that each brick and mortar church should be able to plant 10 churches.

About SUPPORT THE Togo Church Planting

The people & the place

Togo is a country steeped in ancestry worship and is the birthplace of voodoo. It has a young population with more than 70% of the population being under the age of 30. The people are kind and open to spiritual conversations.


Stories of Impact

How is an 8-year-old boy making an eternal difference in West Africa?
Our vision for our new kids’ curriculum, DMD (Disciples Making Disciples) Kids, is in the name; we want them to become disciple-makers....
The Living Well
Just over two years ago, Pastor Jonas led a group of believers to a village just north of Aneho. This village is home to the Watchi tribe,...
From an Iowa suburb to Togo, West Africa
I grew up in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. I was incredibly, even painfully, shy. It was hard for me to talk to people, even to my own gran...


Global Workers

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Josh & Ashley Freeman
Togo, Africa
Partner with Josh & Ashley as serve with the 6 Degree Initiative in Togo, West Africa, where they will be engaging unreached people groups through church planting and disciple making.
Stephanie Alderman
Togo, Africa
Help Stephanie reach and impact women and children in unreached peoples.