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How is an 8-year-old boy making an eternal difference in West Africa?

Stephanie Alderman

Converge Global Worker

  • Mar 11 2021
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Our vision for our new kids’ curriculum, DMD (Disciples Making Disciples) Kids, is in the name; we want them to become disciple-makers. So our challenge to them is simple: share what you heard on Sunday with one or more of your friends.

To inspire them, we drew a bare tree, wanting to add as many leaves as possible. For each person they share with, they add a leaf.


One of our kids, Israel, moved to this area because of COVID-19. One day I asked him how he was doing at sharing the gospel. He told me, “I was able to share with my friends!” When I asked how they responded, he replied, “Oh, two of them accepted Jesus.” He is now talking to them about how to pray.

Eighty kids have heard the gospel from their friends, and three have chosen to follow Christ because of your partnership. Thank you for making an impact in Togo, West Africa!

Please pray with us as we:

  • Develop our teaching team
  • Continue helping kids become disciple-makers
  • Pray and work toward our goal of 190,000 disciples

Learn about the 6º Initiative and how you and your church can get involved.

Togo, West Africa 

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