Finance & Operations

We have an amazing team that works behind the scenes making sure Converge's national ministries have what they need to help start and strengthen churches and send missionaries together worldwide. Our team also manages the Converge Retirement Plan and the Converge Cornerstone Fund. Our seasoned professionals can assist with your church loan or personal investment opportunities.

Scott Ridout


Cornerstone Fund
  • Kristen Skrzypcynski
    Loan Funding Associate
  • Kirk Tate
    Associate Director Church Lending
  • Paul Kruit
    Vice President of Operations
  • Daniel Patterson
    Marketing Associate
  • Barb Ehlers
    Relationship Specialist
  • Matthew LoGalbo
    Loan Closing Specialist

Retirement Plan
  • Barb Wright
    Plan Assistant

Information Technology
  • Hai Ding
    Programmer CRM Manager
  • Howie Sell
    Director of Information Technology
  • Ash Padharia
    Technical Specialist

  • Wanessa De Mesquita
    Accounting Assistant
  • Jennifer LaGalbo
    Accounts Receivable

The more I talk to younger planters across differing ethnicities, diversity is a growing desire. And in many of these contexts it’s becoming reality.

George Bedlion, Lead pastor