GraceNet women's ministry

Providing a safe and caring environment for pastors’ spouses



Caring for pastors' wives.

We are committed to supporting women as they serve in various roles in the church. Whether you’re in a small or large church setting, we realize that we share many similarities and are better together.

GraceNet is a ministry that provides a safe and caring environment for lead pastors' wives of Converge Southwest. Ministry spouses lead busy lives, leaving little time for developing deep and meaningful relationships outside the church. GraceNet is a place where together we can share the joys and challenges of full-time ministry.

Get connected

For more information or for directions to a GraceNet gathering, contact Janie at 888.999.7922, who will assist in connecting you with Kym Sumner, the director of GraceNet.


Not one of us was built to do life alone, that’s why God created the Church! Ministry is doubly hard, that’s why we are better together!”

Linn Winters, Cornerstone, Chandler, AZ