[IM]PACT Around the World

Candace Fish

Church Mobilization Associate

  • International Missions (IM)

Since the inception of the Converge [IM]PACT Internship, Converge Northeast has sent two interns from our churches.  

Lilly B. is the second intern who will be departing on May 24th to our Spice Island Initiative.

Austin Caudill, Converge International Ministries Internship Program Coordinator, has been working with Lilly to prepare for her time on mission.

“It has been a blessing to see the Lord provide laborers for the harvest. Lilly has felt the Lord’s call to serve as a Converge [IM]PACT Intern and has met that call with dedication, passion, and obedience. It has been a joy to see the Lord prepare her heart for this missions internship”. 

I got the chance to learn a little bit more of Lilly’s inspiring story before she leaves this week.  

Q: How long have you been attending your home church, Emmanuel Baptist Church?
A: I have been attending EBC ever since I was born, so 20 years. It is the church I have grown up going to with my family. 

Q: When did you know you were called to serve others as a vocation?
A: I have always had a soft heart towards missions, but it wasn’t really until this past October when I went to a missions’ conference at a friend’s church where my heart was really broken and stirred towards missions. It was after that where I really started pursuing that passion and desire to serve the Lord through cross-cultural missions work. I ultimately committed my life to saying “yes” to the Lord and He revealed that this is what He is calling me to. We are called to take risks for His Kingdom, and so out of my loving obedience to Him I am going to serve.  

Q: Can you tell us a little about what [IM]PACT is?
A: [IM]PACT is an opportunity to serve in a Converge International Ministries initiative. During the time on the field, you will gain hands-on, cross-cultural ministry experience and engage in theological education. You’ll experience the unique culture of a foreign land while making an eternal impact by taking the life-changing gospel to the world’s least-reached people. The internships are typically 6-8 weeks in length and before you depart Converge provides training specific to your internship. 

Q: Where are you going and how long will you be there?
A: I will be going to the Spice Islands (Indonesia) for 8 weeks this summer. I will be there from May 24th – July 24th.  

Q: Who are the people you'll be working with and what is their biggest need?
A: The other intern, Emma, and I are working with P and H, Converge missionaries, who have been serving in Indonesia for 7 years now. The Islamic people there have animistic strongholds, and the team is seeking to launch gospel movements, so the need is prayers for soft hearts and that the Holy Spirit would awaken the souls of the Indonesian people.  

Q: Why IM[PACT] and Converge International Ministries?
A: My home church partners with Converge missionaries, so I heard about the IM[PACT] internship program through them. Their goal is to reach the least-reached people groups who have never heard the name of Jesus before, and I desire to be a part of what they are doing for the Lord’s Kingdom. The Lord opened all the doors accordingly and has continued to confirm that this is where He has me, serving with Converge, for this time.  

Q: What are you most looking forward to during your time?
A: I am most looking forward to gaining an understanding and love for a new culture and people group. I cannot wait to see all that God has in store and it is the biggest joy and honor to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Indonesia this summer.  

Q: How can we be praying for you? 

  • That Jesus would keep breaking my heart for what breaks His

  • For the people that I come in contact with would not remember me, but Jesus! 

  • That the Indonesian people would have a revelation of God’s glory and more souls would join the family of Christ 

  • That I would experience Christ’s divine power and new aspects of His character 

  • Humility when I struggle and full reliance on Him 

  • For boldness to share the Gospel  

  • For overall safety  


We invite you to pray Lilly and our 13 additional interns launching this summer and become a part of the legacy of sending interns for the future.  

Give now to sending more interns and global workers into the harvest.  

Candace Fish, Church Mobilization Associate

While overseeing Missions & Outreach at her local church in West Hartford, CT, Candace was awakened to the least-reached around the world and in her backyard. She is honored to serve as a Church Mobilization Associate on the U.S. Engagement Team. Serving in this role, Candace seeks to inform, equip, and collaborate with Converge churches to strategically engage in cross-cultural ministry to help fulfill the vision of a gospel movement among every least-reached people group in our generation.

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