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February 2024

Deborah Guzman

Converge Global Worker

  • Feb 19 2024
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February 2024

Dear Prayer Friends,

This month at Santisuk, we have had 3 visitors from the U.S. to help us teach at our center: a pastor and his teenage son as well as one of his church members. We have been working together to share the gospel and the stories about Jesus and His teachings with our students.

Poon continues to follow the Lord after his baptism last month. He is growing in his faith. Please pray for him as well as for Aom and Bow who received the Lord last month during their Level 4 presentation of the gospel. Due to family issues, however, neither has been able to attend our Sunday services. Aom’s parents want her to accompany them to visit 9 wats or temples so that they can “go to heaven”, (which is what her parents believe). Bow has been helping her family, first to care for her grandfather during his illness and then help with his funeral since he passed away. She was ready to return to study with us and then her grandmother passed away just a week after her husband, so she cannot return to study with us during this month. Please pray that she can continue in her newfound faith in Christ and be able to return here with us to grow more in Him.


Our administration assistant, Un, invited his good friend to come to study with us. His name is New. He came and is very interested in learning English and learning about Jesus. He has been coming every Sunday to our service, but says he is not a Christian. He says he wants to know more, though. His heart is open, he is reading a New Testament that I gave him, and he is searching for the truth. Please pray that he will find the true joy in Christ as he continues studying with us and hearing more about God.  

Finally, I would like to share with you about my plans to return to minister in the U.S. or possibly in Mexico once again. I will leave here in May after 5 years of ministry here in this part of the world. My daughter, Elizabeth, has been pleading with me to come back to live with her since I have been living here. I have always told her, though, that this is where the Lord is using me. The last time she asked me to return and be with her in November, however, I felt that the Lord was telling me that it was time to return and be with her. She has lost her brother, her dad, and I, her mom, am so far away. Now her spouse has Lupus and is going through chemotherapy. Please remember Elizabeth and her spouse in your prayers. Pray for their spiritual lives as well.

I have been very happy serving the Lord in Bangkok. Anywhere the Lord takes me, I enjoy serving Him. Please pray for this new chapter in my life as I continue to minister full-time for the Lord, possibly continuing with Converge,  but near my daughter so that I can also be there for her at this time of her life.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Blessing in Christ,

Deb Guzman

I John 3:1-3

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