Indonesia, also known as The Spice Islands, is an area of the world where the name of Jesus is not widely known and where 234 unique people groups are still unreached with the Gospel of Jesus. People are hungry for the Good News and the fields are white and ready for harvest.

In Indonesia, we will be discipling our new friends and equipping them to launch small groups among unreached people groups. Our role will be to support them in developing these groups into house churches that deploy new small groups that do the same.

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Spice Islands Initiative's name is derived from where it operates: a region known as the Spice Islands. The Indonesian islands were known as the Spice Islands because of the nutmeg, mace, and cloves that were exclusively found there.

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Nearly 90% of the people in Indonesia are Muslim. Others are Buddhist, Christian, Hindu or practice other ethnic religions. The population of 250 million people is comprised of almost 900 different people groups who speak 650 unique languages.



Converge International Ministries has established the Spice Islands Initiative to reach this region of the world with the gospel. Initiatives are significant, cross-cultural endeavors that target a geographic area, a people group, a religious background or a large urban center. Each initiative includes local gospel endeavors called projects that contribute to the larger gospel initiative.

We are asking God for gospel movements among each of the 234 least-reached people groups in Indonesia, eventually leading to Indonesian-led churches planting more Indonesian-led churches. We will focus on training Indonesians to lead small groups and coaching them in growing these small groups into house churches.


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