Nordic-Baltic Initiative

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Reaching the least-reached of the Nordic-Baltic

The Nordic-Baltic Initiative is a work that began in 2010 to reach the under-reached nations of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. There are future possibilities in Russian areas of the Baltics.

In each of these countries, less than 2% of the population claim to be evangelical believers. A 2011 BBC report called Estonia the world’s least religious country. A staggering 86% of Estonians profess atheism.

The difficulty is the hardness of hearts in the Nordic-Baltic. Bill Ankerberg says, “There is more spiritual resistance in this region than anywhere I have ever ministered in my 47+ years as a pastor.” But there is hope and momentum in the region! Converge has been developing strategic partnerships in each of these nations; we have built relationships with the Baptist presidents in five of the seven countries. Converge churches are working with the New Life Church network in Stockholm, the Baltic Pastoral Institute in Latvia, and the Baptist Union and Josiah Venture in Estonia. There are plans to plant two new churches in Stockholm, three in Latvia and five in Estonia. Numerous Christian summer camp programs are active in these countries.

Six Converge missionaries serve in the region: four in Estonia and two in Sweden. In addition, five stateside leaders work significantly in the region through training, discipling and mobilizing.


Converge has been working for 20 years in Estonia. We have very strong relationships in the country. We are spreading out from this to the surrounding countries. Our vision is threefold, and we have agreed on this with our countries and signed a covenant with Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Latvia to state this in writing:

  1. Church planting
  2. Pastoral and leadership care and development
  3. Raising up a generation of spiritual champions (youth ministry)


Connect with the consortium

In support of the vision of asking God for a gospel movement among every least-reached people group in our generation, Converge International Ministries has committed to establishing and building initiatives, projects and strategic partnerships throughout the world. To help accomplish this vision, we want to connect North American churches in networks called consortia for shared prayer and missional effort toward the least-reached peoples of the world. Together, we will provide unprecedented support and cooperation among our churches, missionaries and national partners.

Join us in the consortium network for the Baltics encompassing the countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Cooperation, communication, prayer and shared engagement will be keystones of the Baltic Consortium. Your church could play a pivotal role in seeing gospel movements flourish all across the Baltics.

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