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How to become a church planter

We’re committed to starting missionally minded churches until every people group and community has heard the gospel. We start churches that start churches to see lives changed with Christ’s love and truth.

Are you considering church planting in the United States? Maybe you’re curious and seeking discernment or simply exploring lead pastor and senior pastor job opportunities. Potentially you have a clear call to plant a church. Maybe you just need to know how to start a church.

Either way, as one of the most successful church planting organizations, we want to walk alongside you and help you take the next step as you plant the church God has called you to.


Everything you need

With Converge, you’ll get personalized coaching, practical training, relevant resources and tested strategies that work in the community in which you plant. You'll be able to implement proven systems that will help increase the long-term success of your church plant. More importantly, you'll be part of a family with other experienced church planters and mentors to support you, enthusiastic partners who want to see you succeed.

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With you every step

We provide a clear pathway for you to plant a new church. Each step has been strategically designed to improve your success so more people will have the opportunity to accept Jesus.


After some conversations together, you'll have the opportunity to attend Converge's highly-trusted Church Planting Assessment Center. During the assessment, trained assessors will help you discern your calling, fit in ministry and capacity to be the lead pastor on a planting team. Next, we’ll outline partnership details, discuss your salary and explain what church planting grants you will receive.

We’ll teach you how to raise funds, recruit your launch team and fill out the legal forms to establish your church as a 501c3 non-profit. We can even help with the creative aspects of your church plant such as naming, branding, logo development and getting your website up and running.


The support doesn’t end just because you're ready to launch your church. Now the real fun begins. When it’s time to launch, we stand with you to support you and your team. We want to make sure you're ready to launch successfully.


Throughout your journey you’ll continue to receive coaching, training, church planting resources and the opportunity to connect with other leaders in Converge. When your church plant is ready to plant a new church, we'll walk alongside you throughout the process. We can help you with:

  • Learning how to raise up leaders within your church
  • Planning for capital campaigns and expansion
  • Keeping you and your church healthy as you fulfill God's calling in your ministry

Our proven pathway helps church planters achieve a 92% success rate



Better together

When you plant a church with Converge, you become part of a movement of like-minded, Bible-believing churches focused on the mission of Jesus. We are spiritually dynamic, relationally devoted, missionally driven and culturally diverse.

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    Supportive relationships
    Converge gives you a church planting tribe to belong to and friends to encourage and support you.
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    Shared expertise
    We are generous with everything we learn and willingly give away what we know.
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    Leadership development
    We’ll help you develop in your leadership as you raise up other leaders for Christ’s mission.


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When starting a journey as significant as church planting, you want to make sure you take the right steps. Get assessed, find the right support system and learn from those who have gone before you. My wife and I found all of this in our Converge Northwest family of churches. They have been there to support us relationally, spiritually and financially.

Kyle Nelson, Lead pastor


Become a church planter

Are you ready to reach your community for Jesus? We are! Take the next step and connect with us. Join a team that will be in the trenches with you—assurance you’ll never be alone. If you're interested in starting a church outside the U.S., please let us know.

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All communication is kept confidential. We understand you may not want anyone from your current employment knowing you are exploring church planting.