Tiffany Bamford



School is out (finally), and I am home for a month. Then, in one month, i will be leaving Kingsburg to hop on a plane to the UK. I just wanted to give everyone an update as to what life is headed toward! So, when I land I will be in Edinburgh, Scottland. I will be here for a week doing training for the rest of the summer. Then, I will be heading over to Manchester, England to spend the summer with Trinity Church Manchester.

Trinity Church Manchester is a brand new church that emerged during the pandemic and they are learning how to get their feet on the ground from transitioning online to in person. So, I will be joining them in this process and helping build the children's ministry. I am so incredibly excited.

In preparation I have been posturing myself in a time of fasting from a lot of media in order to fix my gaze on Jesus. So far, my heart has been set aflame. I am in need of prayer as the transition begins from American culture to a summer in UK culture. I know the time away will be so good but I am not blind to the difficulties that are to come. But God is still good, hallelujah even here!

Tiffany Bamford, Missionary

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