God answers prayer: We are back in Japan!

Jeff & Barb Chapman


Praise God for answered prayers! We made it through 4 covid tests and 3 airports to safely arrive at the house that has been our home base since 2002. I discovered hanging on my office wall a reminder of what life was like just before leaving Japan 17 months ago. The neighbors are very happy to have us back. We have just competed a 14 day semi- quarantine, which means we are now free to travel inside that country. Good timing as tomorrow, Wednesday, we head to Tokyo for the Japan Initiative Field Council. I preach Sunday November 29, do the message for Kids Christmas December 12, preach again December 27 and again January 1 New Years service! So much to look forward to! Thank you for your prayers!

Coronavirus is spreading here, as well. One church in Osaka just announced today that they will not hold any in-person meetings in the month of December. This is tragic, as it is the best time of year to reach people with the message of hope through the gospel. Pray that God will communicate His message in unprecedented ways to match these unprecedented times.

You are in our prayers! Thank you for keeping us in yours.

Jeff and Barb

Jeff & Barb Chapman, Missionary

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