MAY 2021

Deborah Guzman


Volume 4, Letter 4, May 2021                                                                                               DEB GUZMAN

                                          YOUR MISSIONARY IN BANGKOK, THAILAND


Hello from Bangkok, Thailand! We are experiencing quite a sharp increase in Covid patients starting around the end of April and during this month of May – sometimes over 2,000 cases daily! Due to this, the Thai exam has once again been canceled. It has also been government-mandated that all our classes be online.  It is more difficult to minister to our students online since we enjoy spending time in our school lobby playing games and sharing with them. I was able to meet 2 students in person, however, to interview them (talk to them to get to know them more personally, share a gospel tract together with them, also). That was a real blessing!

I do have the opportunity to minister to three groups of students online this month from three of our Bangkok schools. Please pray that God will use me to touch their hearts with the good news of Jesus Christ! I was also able to cook with one of the ladies who sells food on our street – her name is Deng. I am getting to know her and another lady, Rad, better.

Update:  I was planning to start at Silom around December of this year. This plan has been put on hold for the time being. It looks like I will be going to work at one of the other schools here in Bangkok at present. I am so excited about this, because I will be returning to Ladkrabang where I first taught classes in July of 2017. It is a good time to help strengthen our present schools.

I will be traveling to the U.S., arriving on May 30, Lord willing, to San Antonio, Texas. I need to leave the country to change my visa. Also, this is an opportunity to visit my daughter whom I have not seen for about 2 years. Her father, Armando Guzman, is Covid positive and is on a ventilator. We are praying that the Lord will heal him. This is an especially difficult time for her. I also plan to get the Covid vaccine while I am in the states. It may be a long time before it is available for foreigners in Thailand. Please pray for my travels. I hope to be able to visit the folks in New York as well if possible.

Thank you so much for working with me to see souls saved in Thailand!


  1. For many students to enroll at each of our Santisuk schools and have open hearts to receive the Lord
  2. For my transition to Ladkrabang – finding a good apartment, etc.    
  3. For the salvation of Peh, Game, Bale, Fah, Tao, Fern, May, Gam, Ome, In, Eve, Aun, Chontong, Suay, Poom, Deng, Rad, and Bell.
  4. For safe travels to and from Thailand.


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