Lots of Love

Blake & Kristen Harwood


Hello friend!

We have 65% of the monthly partnerships needed to be a part of ministry life in Togo!! We celebrate the partnerships that have been developed and deepened. And we are eager to get to Togo to join our team there in the projects that the Lord is establishing within the 6 Degree Initiative to bring hope and light to people there. 


September granted time with many families, some of which we were meeting for the first time. It gave us the chance to be encouraged and loved, taught and reminded as we witnessed people's lives. For two weeks we traveled from North Carolina to Georgia and Alabama, then to Texas, Oklahoma, and back east through Arkansas and Tennessee. This trip was one of many opportunities to be united with others through our faith in Jesus while sharing about God's call on our lives to go to Togo, Africa. We were so filled from the people we spent time with during this trip.

In Texas we first arrived in Houston where we were greeted with pouring rains and servant hearts. The Samaritan's Purse team that has been set up long-term welcomed us in to dinner that evening and invited us to come with them the next day to a house they were helping to rehabilitate. So the next morning after breakfast and orientation we headed to this house and parked alongside the road when we found the Samaritan's Purse trailer. When we entered the home, we met the homeowner who was working alongside the team to install new flooring since his home had been flooded. His family has been able to live in their home and is tolerating the construction process needed for repairs. We greeted him and got to work, but don't let us fool you. The SP team had to teach us the tricks of the trade which they did with such grace and kindness. I'm glad the family in this home has such kind, God-loving people around them.

I wondered all day about this family, but I've yet to build a relationship with any of the members in the household. So when it was time to leave I tried asking the homeowner [who seemed to hold his head down most of the time] a question. I expected the question to help him to process what was going on in his home plus I wanted him to know we're all grateful to be here. Conversation didn't flow like I had hoped. Later that night, when I heard that the homeowner seemed to open up with the SP team I rejoiced. The light of the Lord is evident in his home right now through the team working there, a relationship of love and trust has been knit together, and he is seeking something more in life. I'm grateful for the people that have been around him and look forward to us also serving amidst families that do not have Jesus in Togo.


In a few days we're moving onto a campus that provides cross-cultural training for 4 weeks. It feels like we'll be back in school. Would you pray for our minds that they would absorb and understand what we're taught as we learn about living in another culture and as Kristen finishes studying for a professional engineering exam at the end of the month? Pray for partnerships, too that the Lord will continue to develop those.

Blake & Kristen Harwood, Missionary

Help Blake and Kristen build a ministry camp and plant churches to share the Gospel in Togo as a part of the 6 Degree Initiative.