One By One Haiti

One by One Haiti child sponsorship is designed to improve the quality of life for Haitian children and their families. This project aims to provide better educational opportunities, a brighter future and the hope of the gospel. 

Sponsor funds of $35 per month per child help to:

  • Improve the quality of education at these Christian schools
  • Relieve families of the financial burden to educate their children
  • communicate the gospel through education and loving teachers

You can chose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually, either by check or online. One by One Haiti has students available for sponsorship at:

Melchizedek Baptist School (MBS) - This school of over 800 students, started in 1987 by Pastor Lunique Yoyo of First Baptist Church of Maissade, is located in the rural town of Maissade. One by One Haiti was launched in this school in 2003. Since then hundreds of students and their families have benefited from sponsorship. This school runs pre-school through 13th grade.

The Christian Institute of Salem (CIS) - Founded by Mrs. Deciere and her husband, the pastor of Salem Baptist Church, this school of about 60 students is in Port-au-Prince. Mrs. Deciere currently runs the school, as she lost her husband in the 2010 earthquake. Classes run kindergarten through 6th grade.

Paradise of Children School (PCS) - This school of more than 330 students is in Leogane, about one hour east of Port-au-Price. Founded in 2002 by Pastor Rosemond Janvier from the Baptist Church of Flon and his wife, Mimose, this school runs pre-school through high school. 

Sponsor a child or Give a gift

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