Ministry Partner Development

   Missionary support-raising strategies and tools



Building a support team to help you reach the unreached with the gospel

As a Converge (a) Missionary or (b) Appointee, we encourage you to take advantage of the many reduced-cost and complimentary resources we provide!

Information concerning (c) Displaying | Recruiting for IM | Representing IM at-large appears at the bottom of this page.

(a) Missionaries
Head directly to the MPD Promotional Tools page to select from more than a dozen MPD Presentation Tools. For specific MPD step-by-step instructions for veteran missionaries, download and follow:

(b) Appointees
Appointee resources are organized within our overall MPD (Ministry Partner Development) 6-step process. Appointees' support-raising efforts benefit greatly when following this process:

  • MPD Intro: 60-minute MPD overview/expectations session at the conclusion of every missionary assessment center (MAC).
  • MPD Prep: Pre-arrival reading, writing & software requirements preparing you for a successful MPD “Focus”.
  • MPD “Focus” Orientation: 3-day intensive orientation & MPD introductory training in Orlando, covering: (i) Converge at-large and meeting your new Converge administrative teammates; (ii) International Ministries (Converge Worldwide Missions); (iii) more than one dozen aspects critical to your successful MPD; (iv) administration, accounting, finances, budget development & personal supporter/partner software management training; (v) additional missionary skill development/equipping still needed; and (vi) planning your remaining course of action to become a fully funded and fielded missionary!
  • MPD Training: Acquiring story-telling and presentation skills aimed specifically at developing committed, on-going ministry partners.
  • MPD Promotional Tools: Converge offers several helpful Presentation Tools to assist you in your MPD Deputation efforts.
  • MPD Deputation / MPD Coaching / Missionary Skills Development: Your 12- to 18-month period of raising up committed ministry partners (financial supporters and prayer supporters), including MPD Coaching to help you achieve full support.

(c) Displaying | Recruiting for IM | Representing IM
Missionary/Appointee MPD -- purchase your own personal pull-up display banner and your own personal MPD materials (use the MPD P-Tools page to order these materials). You will travel with these items at your own expense (reimbursable from your support-raised account).

Recruitment/Mobilization of Potential New Converge IM Missionaries -- For various events including colleges and other conferences where mobilization of new missionaries is the primary emphasis, Converge IM has 5 sets of table-top pull-up displays and materials which may be checked out from the IM Mobilization office via Jeff Lowery. A minimum of 30 days advance notice is required when requesting these materials in order to have Converge pay the cost of shipping (less than 30 days can only be shipped at your personal expense).

Representing IM at-large -- For all Converge national events, Converge district events, Converge Championship Church events, Converge Consortium events, and local Converge church Sunday mission events: display requests should be sent to our Converge U.S. Engagement office via Kevin McGhee. A minimum of 30 days advance notice may also be required.

Other — One By One Haiti (via Selena Gabriel) and The Timothy Initiative (TTI via Jerry Schommer) are also available to present at your Church or other Converge event.

Confused? Start with Jeff Lowery!


Converge helped us strategize how to better reach the nations. Because of this we plan to adopt two unengaged, unreached people groups. I am deeply encouraged this is the global outreach priority of Converge International Ministries. We truly are better together.

Carlton P. Harris, College Avenue Baptist Church, San Diego, California