MPD Training 

Teaching you the story telling and asking skills you need as a missionary.



Our partners help you experience your ministry at full funding

We outsource our Converge MPD training to Stewardship Ambassadors. They will prepare you to share your vision with your future partners.

You will watch Bible-based video instruction that will allow you to explain your call to missions as well as learn how God is working in the lives of your partners. You will develop your presentation showing how God has worked in your life, explain why “your part” of the world so badly needs Jesus, and, why you believe he is leading you to the field.

Converge Mobilization will work with you throughout your MPD. You’ll read books, take the World Perspectives on World Missions course, choose when/how to decrease your current employment and increase the time you have for MPD, talk through saying good-bye to family and friends, and, choose when to attend the Center for Intercultural Training.

Partnering with Converge has made me a better leader. I know I’m not alone. Whether it’s a need for friendship, skill building, assistance with church planting or vision, Converge is the trusted family on mission with Cascade Church.

Nate Hettinga, Cascade Church, Monroe, WA