MPD deputation, coaching & skills development

Walking alongside you as you prepare for the mission field. 



Helping you develop the skills you need as you prepare to deploy

MPD Deputation
“Deputation” refers to the period of time, usually 12-18 months, when you are meeting with potential ministry partners (potential prayer and financial supporters). You’ll be sharing your ministry/mission vision, inviting churches and individuals to join your financial support team.

After you attain about 70% of your monthly commitments, you will be eligible to begin your MSD, or Missionary Skills Development (scroll down for more information), two separate residency courses which are required for most Missionary Appointees.

MDA (Monthly Deployment Advising)
Immediately following "Focus", you will be assigned a Converge Monthly Deployment Advisor (MDA). You will meet via skype once a month for about 30 minutes during your Deputation period, until you have achieved full financial support and have successfully completed all MAC-assigned next steps and other Focus-related next steps as outlined in your forthcoming Personalized Monthly Deployment Plan. Your MDA will be your primary point-of-contact person for all of your Converge-related needs and pre-deployment preparation questions until you are deployed.

Professional MPD Coaching
MPD Coaching accelerates both your competency and accountability throughout your critically important Deputation process. MPD Coaching is required for all Converge Missionary Appointees. You have four options to consider, with either of options 1 or 2 always required—unless you have prior advance approval from IM for option 3 or 4.

  1. KCT Coaching Option: as many months needed of KCT-provided MPD Coaching automatically follows completion of your Kingdom Come Training; there is no additional registration needed. Cost is $120/mo, and normally requires 6-10 months coaching to achieve full support.
  2. Tailored Fundraising Solutions Option: 3 months of “Tailored Fundraising Solutions” MPD Coaching (“Tailored” is the required option beginning within 90 days for everyone attending MPD Training via SRS Bootcamp); cost is $1,800 ($600/month); contact Roger in order to begin your MPD Coaching with “Tailored”.
  3. IM Volunteer MPD Coach: Converge IM has a limited number of trained Volunteer MPD Coaches (normally retired missionaries or retired staff members); there is no cost if this option is available and approved in advance by IM via Roger.
  4. Hire Your Own MPD Coach: Occasionally missionary appointees have relationships in their home communities with Christian fundraising professionals or retired missionaries; your local person may or may not charge a fee if this option is available and approved in advance by IM via Roger; please know that IM reserves the right to mandate option 2 if option 4 does not appear to be working well enough for you.

MSD (Missionary Skills Development)
Once you have raised about 70% of your monthly support quota and are within about 6 months of overseas departure -- and IM (via your Monthly Deployment Advisor) has given you the MSD go-ahead -- you will very likely need these two additional areas of Missionary Skill Development before you head overseas (see next MSD dates and locations here):

  • Pre-Field Cross-Cultural Equipping (via the Equipping for Cross-Cultural Life & Ministry course offered by our partners at CIT, the Center for Intercultural Training in Union Mills, North Carolina). Generally CIT offers four options each year; each option runs 4 weeks in length. See next MSD dates and locations here, then contact Roger for permission to enroll yourself.
  • Cost: $1,600/person, plus about $600-$800/person for food & housing, plus RT transportation to Union Mills NC. 

      Valley Church has had excellent experiences in partnering Converge in AIDS prevention and treatment in Nigeria and with micro-finance and health care in Ivory Coast. I applaud their values of prioritizing the least-reached and pursuing multiplication.

      Doug Christgau, Valley Community Baptist Church, Avon, Connecticut