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Of the 4.5 billion people in Asia, only 2.8% are evangelical Christians. There are approximately 5374 unreached and least-reached people groups (with 4% or less of evangelical Christians) within the 50 countries of Asia.  God is organically raising up small pockets of believers in various least reached people groups in Asia. These infant churches are eager to learn and grow but do not yet have the knowledge or the resources to mature to the level of faith to enable them to make disciples of those least reached people around them. Many leaders in these infant churches are asking for help to grow their churches so that they can, in turn, reach out to the unreached or least-reached people near them.

As a Missionary Leader of Church Strengthening in Asia, I will be traveling to many of those churches that God is raising up among the least reached people of Asia and will be building relationships and networking with their leaders. I will be encouraging, equipping and empowering them to build churches and make disciples in order for them to be released to go out and reach the unreached within their sphere of influence.

You may not be able to personally travel to Asia to bring the Gospel to the unreached people there. But by partnering with me you can be an integral partner in the remarkable work that God is doing in Asia and in the eternal Kingdom of God.  Please consider partnering with me in ministry, in prayer and through your financial support.

Asia // Our greatest privilege is joining Jesus in what He is doing--building His Church. When we reach across the street and around the world with the Gospel--locally and globally--we impact lives for eternity.

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