Tammy Weiner

Deaf Ministry
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As Deaf Discipleship Catalyst, I will help to recruit, equip, and deploy a team to engage Converge and other like-minded churches in order to raise up a new generation of Deaf leaders/disciple-makers.

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Only 2% of Deaf people worldwide know the Lord. As a Deaf person, I learned about Him at a boarding school for the deaf during a time when pastors were allowed to preach at those schools. Today that is not happening, and many Deaf children do not have access to the gospel message in their language at home and school. Deaf leaders are needed to spread the good news about God's love for them.

Christ came into my life when I was a teenager. I am now a retired university professor and administrator with the tools needed to help Converge recruit, equip and deploy a team (staff and volunteers) to engage its churches to raise a new generation of Deaf leaders/disciple-makers.
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