Support raising services

Serving you as you raise financial support for your ministry .



Handling financial administrative tasks doesn’t have to be difficult

In many respects, Converge Heartland acts as sending agency in that we receipt financial support for individual ministers and ministries that are connected to our district churches and our overall vision. Some members of the Converge Heartland staff are compensated from raised monthly support as are our church planters and some church revitalization pastors.

Use of our support raising services gives an individual access to:

  • Candidate assessment and approval process
  • Marketing assistance for support raising
  • Coaching and accountability for the support raising process
  • Receipting of donations
  • Online donation services
  • Direct deposit
  • Tax support and documentation
  • Employment status with a reputable ministry
  • A regional ministry team
  • Relational continuity, compelling vision and local church inroads
  • Retirement and pension options through the Converge Retirement Plan
  • Health insurance options

Although not limited to these situations, Converge Heartland support raising services are intended to serve donors, Converge Heartland district staff, church planters, church revitalization efforts and missionaries from the Heartland who are serving at home or abroad.

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Leading a church can be complex, but I have a network of people from churches all around the country who are in my corner. You’re never alone when you’re a part of Converge.

Ben Payne, Northridge Baptist Church, Mitchell, South Dakota