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Don’t go through changes alone

Demographics change throughout the life stages of a local church. For some churches, it makes sense to consider new partnerships. Others are among the 3,500 American churches that close their doors each year. Either way, churches shouldn’t have to go through the process alone. 

Whether your church is considering going through the merger, consolidation or dissolution process, we can help you.

When two or more churches merge, they maintain the identity of one of the existing churches as they unite. For example, Church A and Church B unite and only Church A exists afterward.

When two or more churches consolidate, they come together and form a completely new church. For example, Church A and Church B unite to become Church Z.

There are many reasons a local may dissolve, including for the purpose of merging with another congregation. No matter the reason, as a church goes through the dissolution process, it must determine what to do with the remaining congregation, church property and real estate.

How we can help
We bring a process, understanding and experience in assessing, assisting and finalizing church mergers and consolidations. We want your unified congregation to advance a renewed and celebrated vision and mission together. There are many critical points to address when churches come together. None are more important than identifying and installing the new capabilities and structure that are necessary to seeing the new union of churches experience vision-centric success.

Our church dissolution services will assist your church through the legalities of the dissolution and the liquidation and distribution of your assets.  Although church dissolution is not generally viewed in a positive light, it can be a beautiful opportunity to breathe new life into other churches and organizations that will carry on your church’s vision and mission.

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If you're currently in the process of a church merger, consolidation or dissolution or getting ready to start, contact us today so we can assist you.


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