Staff & volunteer background checks

Helping protect your church and its families.



Background checks are no longer an option

Today, the young families that currently attend or will attend your church are more concerned about the safety of their children than any time in recent history. With every clergy and church volunteer misstep comes an aftermath of media, anger, accusations and ongoing scrutiny. It’s hard to recover from church mistakes that could have been avoided through a background check.

Understanding this reality is important for any church that desires to reach the next generation for Christ. Background checks are no longer an option — they are a necessity. Not doing them leaves a local church open for lawsuits and accusations.

We want local churches to bring the transformational power of the gospel to their community unhindered. Conducting staff and volunteer background checks will remove this undesired barrier and allow parents to more freely involve their kids in children and youth ministry activities. Our staff and volunteer background check services are meant to be efficient, informative and affordable.

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