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When you give through Converge, you’re connected to Christ’s kingdom movement, where you can make an impact locally and globally.

There’s a great feeling of purpose, meaning and fulfillment in your life when you give to expand God’s kingdom across the street and around the world. Through your gift to Converge Heartland, you're connecting to something much bigger than yourself.  Your gift gives someone an opportunity to accept Jesus.

Thank you for partnering with us to help people meet, know and follow Jesus by starting and strengthening churches together worldwide.


General budget

Greg Friesner

Giving Opportunities

You are a key partner in accomplishing God’s mission. There are several ways for you to support those who are leading others to Jesus and being used by God to change lives.

Support Converge Heartland's church planting efforts.
Support relief efforts through Converge Heartland as we direct resources to where they can be used effectively by local churches and strategic ministry partners for reaching and helping those affected by disaster.
Giving to the general budget allows the district to direct your money where it is needed most.
Help support Greg Friesner in his role as director of Jail and Prison Ministries.
Help support Harlan Moss as he ministers at the South Dakota State Penitentiary.

Leading a church can be complex, but I have a network of people from churches all around the country who are in my corner. You’re never alone when you’re a part of Converge.

Ben Payne, Northridge Baptist Church, Mitchell, South Dakota