High School Camp (Camp Judson)

June 18-23, 2023

Camp Judson

Keystone, South Dakota

There will be lots of activities for students to enjoy as well as great teaching to challenge you in your relationship with Jesus Christ. We intentionally desire to take students out of their regular routine and away from the distractions of everyday life to build relationships with God, with counselors who model what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and to build lasting relationships with friends. Camp is a great way to introduce your unreached friends to the Gospel and build Christian relationships with mentors and friends.

Event High School Camp (Camp Judson)
Date June 18-23, 2023
Location Camp Judson
Cost $395
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What you'll experience:

  • Expect Engaging Speakers — Dig deeper in the Word of God as our Bible teacher captivates our minds and hearts with spiritual truths through examining the scriptures.

  • Exciting Activities – Rock climbing, groups games, outdoor activities, campfires

  • Quality Time with Friends — Enjoy hanging out with friends, sharing like experiences, whether it’s at lunch or down by the lake

  • Small Group Times — Through Bible study, singing, roasting marshmallows and more